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When it comes to getting better results at Numerical Reasoning Tests, preparation and practice are key.

But that’s easier said than done.

How can you boost your score as quickly and effectively as possible?

If you’re researching these tests for the first time, or if you’re searching for ways to improve your ability, perform better and get more interviews and job offers, this article will provide some practical strategies that you can use immediately.

For the best chance of success, read the article slowly, follow our tips and advice and then practice the free tests we provide at the end of the article.

Most Companies Use Psychometric Tests to Assess Candidates

Numerical reasoning tests often form part of an employer’s assessment process, most commonly as an online test given after your initial job application or as a real life test given during an interview or assessment day.

Companies will often combine numerical tests with another test type, such as Verbal Reasoning Tests, Logical Reasoning Tests or Situational Judgement Tests.

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